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SKLOPAN LIBEREC, a. s. was established as a purely Czech company in 1991. Since it was established, it has been dealing with the development and production of machines and equipment for the glass industry, particularly in the field of flat glass processing.

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Description of the Company's Activities

With its evolution, the company has become specialized in other segments such as the development and production of turnkey technological units in the glass industry, as well as the automotive industry. The company’s target market is not only the Czech Republic, but also the whole of Europe and America. You can encounter products from SKLOPAN LIBEREC, a.s. in countries such as Germany, U.S.A., Spain, Mexico, Russia, and many others.

Identification number: 25034421
Year of foundation: 1991
Number of employees: 51 - 250

+Geography of Interest Areas

Geography of Interest Areas

Territory of Exports:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe (EU and others)

Territory of Interest:

  • Central Europe and Balkan States
  • Eastern Europe
  • North America
  • South and Central America
  • Western Europe (EU and others)
+Field Affiliation

Contact information

Zahradní 445/45
Liberec 11 - Růžodol I
+420 482 429 411
+420 482 429 481

Contact Persons

Darek Sas

+420 482 429 482

Language Skills: Czech, English

Renata Bártová
commercial manager

+420 482 429 441

Language Skills: Czech, English, Russian



Products & Services

1) Checking mock-ups
2) Application tables
3) Camera jigs

1) Checking mock-ups are used for checking correct glass shapes. 2) Gluing specific components is performed by application tables. These include camera validity checks. 3) Camera jigs provide visual checks of assembled components.


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